The day I turned 18 and got wrecked.

On the day I had graduated from high school, I met Zane that next weekend. He was 26 years old and extremely hot with his dark hair, perfect teeth, and tone abs. He had moved from Minnesota to pursue acting and had even landed a couple of commercials. The problem with being so attractive is that he was a "player" in the dating world but at 19, I was infatuated with him and thought that we would be happy no matter what. I stood 5'6, weighed 120 pounds, was physically fit and had blonde hair with hazel eyes so I thought we made a great couple. I allowed him to take my virginity and just knew we would someday get married. My parents didn't like him and warned me that he would only break my heart.

At times he could be really sweet but there were also times he would be gone doing his thing, allowing me to wonder what he was up to. I had friends so I stayed occupied when we weren't together. Even though Zane was hot, he was not a big guy at 5'9 and had a relatively small penis at just under five inches. He was very insecure about it and I had to constantly remind him that it was fine and I didn't care about that. I had nothing to compare it to anyway because I hadn't been with anyone else.

Later in the fall, Zane was going to take his homecoming weekend and fly back to Minneapolis to meet up with his fraternity buddies from when he attended the University of Minnesota. He asked me to go and even though my father wasn't crazy about me going out there, he really didn't have much say so. I had always wanted to see the Mall of America and now had my chance.

"You have all your shit packed? I don't know why you have to bring so much. We are only going for the weekend," Zane said impatiently.

I just smiled, "You know me. We girls like to have all our things with us for options."

He responded, "We really aren't gonna be doing anything cause I'm gonna be with the guys. I don't know why you need all that for the mall."

That Thursday, we landed at the Saint Paul International Airport and instead of having us a hotel, we were staying with Zane's friend Dillon in Dillon's apartment. He had an extra bedroom that basically had a bed, a closet, and one plant sitting in the corner. It wasn't exactly a five star hotel but I knew I could handle anything for a few nights.

The first night, Zane went out drinking with the guys and because I was too young to get into the bars, I stayed back at the apartment, bored out of my mind. I played on social media while on my laptop most of the evening. I was horny and wanted to have sex but by 2 am he still hadn't returned, so I decided to masturbate.

I began searching though porn to see if anything struck me as erotic. Many times, I have to wait and stumble upon something to realize what I am in the mood for to get me off. I browsed through some big cocks, gangbangs, and girl on girl. When I happened upon this very attractive red headed teen about my age with a huge gaping pussy, I was mesmerized and immediately got wet. Usually, I like a good amateur porn movie but this was just a photo spread like you would see in a magazine and I couldn't take my eyes of her vagina.

I looked at her photos in a variety of poses and stared at that monster labia. My own pussy was smooth and extremely tight but I fantasized how this girl was a slut and had me eat her well-used crotch. I also fantasized about her taking huge objects and cocks inside it which made me twitch in orgasm. When my pussy convulsed, I stopped rubbing my clit and stuck two fingers inside myself as far as I could get them. While licking them clean and clicking to more pictures, I then had another orgasm when the next one showed her with a bottle stuck up her twat.

I began to search other huge pussies on the internet and couldn't get enough of them. There were huge objects, fisting, sagging lips, and creampied gaping slits and they all turned me on. I don't know why I hadn't noticed that large vaginas were so erotic to me in the past and I think the reasoning I loved them was that I believed the women were slutty or something. I found it all so hot and had several more orgasms. I even tried putting my own fist in myself but three fingers barely fit. When I was finished, I fell asleep and heard Zane stagger in well after 4 am. I was hoping he wanted to have sex me but only passed out as soon as his head hit the pillow.

The next day, I was up and ready to head to the mall around noon. Zane was hungover and wanted to stay in bed longer. I took an Uber over and got my shopping on. A couple pairs of Victoria Secret panties and bras that were on clearance was my first purchase of the day before browsing a couple more department stores. I couldn't spend too much too soon because my funds were limited. I stumbled upon the food court and wanted a cinnamon bun.

With my shopping bag sitting on the table, I sat down to eat my sweet dessert. Right next to me at the next table was a large older man dressed in jeans and a work shirt who looked like he was on his lunch break. I would later find out he was 55 years old, 6'2, weighed 280 pounds, was bald with nice eyes covered my large glasses. He smiled and I smiled back to be friendly.

He spoke, "First time here?"

I wasn't sure he was speaking to me before it hit me, "Huh? Oh...yes it is. I can't believe how big this place is. We have nice malls back in southern California but this is incredible."

He extended his hand, "Yes it is. I'm Ben by the way. I drive a cement truck and I'm here pouring the foundation for the wing under construction that you may have noticed coming in. Just grabbing some lunch. They are calling for rain so it I am calling it a day."

I extended my hand and shook his, "I'm Brittni. Nice to meet you. I'm here with my boyfriend."

Ben laughed, "Where is he? I would like to meet him."

I responded, "Well, he is back at his friend's apartment. When I said here, I meant here in Minneapolis. He was out late last night drinking with his buddies. I couldn't get him up."

He asked, "Why didn't you go with him?"

I answered, "I'm too young. I'm only 19 and can't get into the bars, plus, he wanted to just chill with his friends."

I was having a conversation with a complete stranger but I was among a mass of people so I deemed the situation harmless. He was a blue collar guy and had a sexy masculinity to him even though he was much older than me.

He added, "Please don't take this the wrong way, but your boyfriend must be crazy for not wanting to be around you all the time. You are gorgeous and if I were him, I would never want to be away from you."

I smiled, "Thank you. At least I get a chance to shop here and see the famous Mall of America."

He laughed, "True. So what did you get first?"

At first I felt a little uncomfortable telling him about the intimates I had bought but soon decided that I didn't care as I pulled out my thong panties and matching bras from the bag, "I got these. What do you think?"

"I think those are sexy and you have the perfect body for them. I bet your boyfriend will love you in those," suggested Ben.

I looked down and mumbled, "You would think so but I think Zane is more interested in drinking with his friends than noticing these on me this weekend."

He boldly responded, "You could let me see you in them. cam51 won't tell him."

I was stunned by is brash comment. Was this older man hitting on me? I didn't say anything at first before playing it off with a giggle, "Yea right, with all these people around. Very funny."

"No I'm serious. We could go out to my truck or I have a better idea. There is a temporary break room trailer beside the work site. It has a small couch and a table and some chairs. We could lock the door and don't worry, with all the people around, you know I'm not a creep or anything," he offered.

If nothing, this guy was very courageous to ask me to do that but I politely declined. He should have been a salesman as he continued pitching me his ideas, "I will tell you what. I will take you around and buy you 500 dollars' worth of anything you want as long as you try it on for me. To ease your mind that I'm not some psycho, I will allow you to take a picture of my license and email it to yourself so you know I would never do anything against your wishes or I would be caught red handed."

His logic, my desire to purchase a pair of 400 dollar Jimmy Choo ankle boots that were on sale and my residual horniness from the night before as I would be exposing my exhibition side to a complete stranger played into my decision as I agreed, "Uh...Ok. I know where I want you to take me."

After snapping that pic of his license and sending it to myself for precaution, we walked to the store. I tried on and bought the boots. I also purchased two camisoles, two tops, and a denim skirt. The total price was about 540 dollars total but Ben didn't mind as he handed over his credit card. As we walked out, I was thinking that I had gotten this stuff and all I had to do was model my clothing for him was like "stealing."

I giggled, "You know what this makes you now?" It was a kind of lost summer for me. I was between jobs and having a hard time finding something that I wanted. After a couple of months of looking unsuccessfully, I decided to just go with the flow and take the time off. I needed some money coming in, of course, but there are always interim sources of income. I was lucky enough to find one that provided some money but also a lot of leisure time - house-sitting for a professor and his wife who were on sabbatical for the summer.

It was a nice house in a fairly upscale suburban neighborhood. Most of the residents were married couples and families, so I didn't really fit in, but I didn't mind because it was a quiet neighborhood and a very nice house, with lots of amenities and plenty of windows so I could indulge in one of my favorite pastimes - people-watching. All the neighbors seemed to be out on the street a lot, but it was one particular neighbor who caught my eye. From overheard "Hellos" I soon learned that her name was Mary.

I'd see her almost every day, often more than once a day, out for a run or walking her two little dogs, her thick blonde hair blowing in the breeze, usually dressed in some skimpy workout clothes. The clothes were just shorts and t-shirt, but the shorts weren't the comfortable, loose-fitting kind that most people favor. These were "old school" athletic shorts - tight and skimpy. The tee was usually tight too. The whole ensemble was clearly intended to show off Mary's physical assets - full breasts pushing against that tight shirt, a nice, narrow waist and a firm, round butt. She was in great shape for a woman her age, which I guessed to be around 40. No, she was in great shape for a woman of any age, and she knew it. She definitely caught my eye. I wanted her.

What really caught my eye was Mary's bottom. It wasn't the kind I'm usually drawn to, not the classic "cute tushy." No, it was fuller than that, but oh so firm - like two ripe, fleshy beans stuck together there on her rear. There was just a tad of extra meat there, just enough to put a little jiggle in her buns when she walked. It was the kind of jiggle that a girl just can't help but notice - at least a girl like me. Whenever she turned around, I couldn't take my eyes off it. It just drew me in, begging me to touch it, squeeze it, kiss it. I kept thinking about how warm and soft it would be between those luscious cheeks.

So I guess it was Mary's bottom that finally made me do something to try to get with her. Of course, I needed an excuse to interact with her. It soon occurred to me that she had already provided the perfect one - her dogs. Mary was pretty consistent about the times she walked her dogs, so I could just be ready around those times and pop out onto the street when she came by. What could be more natural than a girl like me to fussing over some cute little doggies? And what dog-owner doesn't love that?

So there I was, a few days later, lying in wait for Mary to come by. Spotting her, I let her get a head start so as not to be too obvious. I knew that she always made a circle around the block, so once she was far enough past the house, I started off in the opposite direction. Within minutes, I encountered her coming toward me.

I put on my brightest smile and said cheerfully, "Oh, I love your dogs. They are so cute!"

Mary responded with a crooked smile. "Thanks," she said with a laugh. "They are cute, but I'm afraid they're spoiled rotten." As she smiled, I noticed the subtle "laugh-lines" in her face and the hint of crow's feet at the corners of her eyes - two things that I always find attractive in mature women.

"Well," I said, bending down to pet them both, "that's what cute little dogs are made for, aren't they?"

Mary laughed. I was encouraged. This was moving easier than I'd hoped, but I decided to play it cool. After a few more niceties I moved on and let Mary go. But I had laid the seed.

Two days later, I was out again. This time I caught Mary just as she was starting. I made another fuss over the dogs (they really were cute) and asked if she minded if I walked with her. To my delight, she agreed, though she added, "I have to warn you, though, I go pretty fast." I told her that was okay with me because I needed the exercise. I explained that I was out of my usual workout routine because I was house-sitting.

"Oh," Mary said, "so you're watching Scott and Jen's house? I noticed the lights were on at night and wondered if someone was there."

I told her my situation, that I would be there for the next couple of months and that my usual gym was all the way across town. That's when I hit the jackpot.

"Oh gosh," she said, "I'm a personal trainer! I do it part-time, in my home, right up the street. I have free weights and some workout machines, too. If you're interested," she added with a smile, "I'll give you the 'neighborhood discount'."

I really didn't have much spare money for a trainer, even at a discount, but this surprising opportunity was just too good to pass up. I immediately told her I was interested. We exchanged numbers and continued our walk.

Later that week, I called Mary and set up an initial appointment. Mary had suggested that two or three workouts a week would be a good schedule and I settled on three. Paying for three sessions every week would put a real strain on my current finances but I couldn't turn it down. The possibilities were just too promising.

The first sessions were surprisingly tough. Mary had warned me that she was a challenging trainer, and she was true to her word. For those first few workouts, each time I left her house I was tired and sore all over. But I was also happy, because things were moving along. Mary was a "hands-on" trainer, touching me in various places to show me which muscles each machine or activity worked on. I loved that. And she opened up to me to a surprising degree, complaining more than expected about her husband. I found out that this was her second marriage. Mary had never had a lot of money in her life, and her husband made a lot, so that was nice. But the marriage was going a little stale. She even hinted that her sex life left a lot to be desired. "Thank God for vibrators," she said once, quickly blushing with embarrassment at letting that secret out. She explained that her husband was self-employed (she worked for him part-time) and was totally absorbed by his business - no time or interest for Mary's needs. That was definitely a plus for me!

I was in my third week of workouts with Mary when I decided it was time to take a chance and make a move on her. I knew I was pushing it, probably going too fast, but I also knew I was running out of time before I had to leave the neighborhood, so I decided to go for it. I just needed an opening. Luckily for me, Mary is about to provide one.

Mary was telling me about a new exercise she had found. In the explanation, she raised her arms over her head and suddenly reacted to a painful twinge in her shoulders. When I asked what was wrong, she said that she had overdone it the previous day and that she probably had pulled a muscle. "I'll just have to rest it for a while," she said, "though that's pretty hard for me."

Maybe this is it, I thought. It was a long shot, but worth a try. "Why don't you let me massage it?" I offered. "I took a few classes and I'd be happy to help." Mary declined my initial offer, but I insisted and eventually she relented.

I sat on a chair and had her sit on the floor in front of me. I started to knead her shoulders, and it seemed to help, but that wasn't going to get me where I wanted this to go. "You still seem tense," I said. "Why don't we get into a more comfortable position?" Luckily, Mary agreed. Whether she didn't detect my deception or was complicit in my little game, I still don't know. In any case, we moved to another room with a large couch. Mary got face-down on it and I climbed onto her, seated on her butt, and continued the massage.

Mary did relax as my hands worked on her shoulders. "God, that feels so much better," she said. "You have a wonderful touch."

"You should do this more often," I offered. "You work so hard." Moving slightly lower on her back, I added, "I can do more than your shoulders if you like."

"Mmmmmm," she replied with a little laugh, "how can I say No?"

I suggested that she remove her top and was thrilled when she didn't object. That left her sports bra. "That, too. Come on," I said innocently. She gave me a quick, slightly questioning look, but took it off. I got a brief look at Mary's full breasts before she plopped back down on the sofa.

I took it slowly, giving her a seemingly innocent massage, but blending in some sensual, suggestive moves. I spent a long time just running my hands softly over her skin, not just one her back, but along her sides and even down to the edge of her ass, moving her shorts down just a tad to expose the top of her butt crack. Then I moved down to her thighs, which did actually seem a little tense. I kneaded them as I had her shoulders, letting my hands wander up as far as the bottom of her butt cheeks before retreating. Mary let me do all of this with little objection, only an occasional "Oh" of surprise at my boldness.

Since she did not seem inclined to stop me, I decided to take a bigger chance. Scooting back a little to sit on her upper thighs, I leaned forward and lowered myself on top of her. Mary started to object, but I headed her off, telling her that the weight of my body would help her relax. It was a ridiculous idea, but she bought it, or maybe she just was giving in to the situation.

I continued to knead her shoulders as I rubbed the length of my body over hers, enjoying the warmth and the closeness of her. Mary closed her eyes and smiled. She was starting to give in. I was thrilled ... and getting more excited with each passing second.

I decided to get really bold. I quickly slipped off my top and bra and returned to my previous position atop Mary's back. She felt my bare skin against her own and responded with surprise, her eyes opening wide as she uttered a startled, "Oh!" But then, as I started to rub against her again, she relaxed and said, almost in a whisper, "Oh my, that does feel good."

I was so excited. My nipples were stiff and erect now, and I wondered if she could feel them as I rubbed against her. If she did, she didn't mind, because she let me continue with my little body-massage for a few minutes. I nuzzled my face into her neck and whispered in her ear, "I want to make you feel good, Mary. You've been so nice to me. I want to make you feel really, really good. You deserve it."

Mary's only response was a warm smile and a barely audible "Okay." Her eyes were still closed and she looked very content, obviously enjoying what I was doing to her. I took the next step and, as I nuzzled her neck again, placed a soft kiss just below her ear. She didn't object, so I did it again, several times, then added a bit of tongue, licking sensuously along her neck, drawing a wonderful little whimper from her.

I knew then that I was good to go. After a few more neck kisses, I urged her to turn over, and she did. She was breathing heavily now, as she looked deep into my eyes, holding my gaze with a combination of question and anticipation. I was sitting up on her hips, and as I looked down I noticed the tan-lines on her chest. It excited me, made me aware that I was one of the chosen few who got to see her this way.

I reached down to place my hands over her breasts. They were full and oh-so-soft, filling my hands with a lush warmth. Mary's nipples were a deep pink, the areolas wide and stippled with little goose bumps. I was dying to take them in my mouth but it didn't feel right yet, so I continued to gently knead then with my hands. Then I leaned down to give her our first real kiss.

A placed my lips on hers, just a brief, chaste smooch, then went back for more. This time a ran my tongue over her lips, staying outside her mouth for the moment. But she showed no resistance and I couldn't help myself. I slipped inside her seemingly passive lips and found her own wet tongue, licking it slowly, gently in a circular motion.

To my surprise. something in Mary suddenly switched on. All at once, she was returning my kiss with hot passion, her tongue moving eagerly over mine as she moaned shamelessly into my mouth. She clutched me to her, her right leg wrapping urgently around my upper thighs. All question and inhibition were gone now, and we were off and running.

My arousal soared as our tongues worked together, savoring the sweet taste of her mouth as my hands moved over her, the right one squeezing gently at her breast while the left one snuck under her slipping into her shorts to find the firm, soft delight of her butt cheeks. Mary moaned quietly in response to my caresses. It was absolutely wonderful, exactly as I hoped it would be.

I broke the kiss and moved my head down, lingering briefly at her neck before descending on her lovely breasts. I took one luscious nipple into my mouth and sucked it as my tongue rolled over it. Mary uttered a lovely, "Ohhhh," as I felt her little nubbin harden and grow between my lips. I was whimpering myself now as the thrill of finally having her overcame me. I moved back and forth between her tits, utterly enjoying the feel of that soft flesh. I tried to hide how excited I was, but it was difficult. It just felt so good to have her in my mouth.

Mary was definitely into it now. She continued to moan and whimper, and her body writhed slowly on the bed, silently asking for more. I was happy to give it to her. Reluctantly leaving her breasts, I moved down her body, licking over her ribcage, settling briefly on her flat, firm midsection. Mary's stomach rippled in response and she uttered a breathy "Oh God." She knew what was coming. She wanted it.

I wanted it, too. God, did I want it! dropped to my knees on the floor and quickly slipped her shorts and panties down and off in a single motion, then nudged Mary into a new position on the couch, spreading her legs apart, raising the left one to rest against the back of the couch while the right one dangled off the front. I settled between them and took in the sight. Damn, she looked hot now, her legs splayed open wantonly while her chest heaved with passion. She caught my eye and held it for several seconds, seemingly wondering if I was really going to do this.

Of course I was. I looked between her legs now and got my first good look at her cunt. It looked wonderful. It was a mature woman's cunt, the lips full and meaty, so pink and swollen now with desire, with just a hint of moisture evident inside. And above it was a nicely trimmed bush of blonde hair that I longed to feel against my nose.

I started slowly, kissing up and down the inside surface of her raised leg, then giving the same treatment to the other one, purposely bypassing her crotch as I did so. Then I went back for a second pass, this time letting my tongue slip out to run a wet, swirling trail along each leg. Mary responded with a quiet, frustrated groan that told me I was teasing her just the way I wanted to. I did this several more times, and each time Mary's reaction grew stronger.

Mary clearly was ready for more and so was I. On my next pass up her thigh, I didn't skip over. Instead, I placed my tongue at the bottom of her cleft and licked oh-so-slowly up the entire length of her vulva. Mary's hips rose off the sofa and she uttered and long, heartfelt "Ohhhhhhhhhh!" I slipped my hands beneath her to cup her lovely bottom.

I licked up and down in her slit several times, each time feeling her juices coating my tongue. Mary responded with a pathetic moan of desire. I licked around the edges of her cunt, placed a quick kiss on her clittie, and then used my thumbs to open her lips, revealing a drooling pit of vivid pink flesh inside her. I applied little feather-licks all over her pink treasure and she responded with a groan and began pumping her hips, begging for more. I covered her opening with my mouth, gently sucking at it before plunging my tongue all the way inside. We both moaned then. Her cunt felt so warm and juicy surrounding my tongue.

Mary was moving franticly on the couch now, totally turned on and in need of release. I moved to her clit, licking swirls around it and then taking it in my mouth. I sucked it in while simultaneously tickling the head with the tip of my tongue. Mary pretty much went crazy then, crying out, "Oh Gawwwwwd!" and franticly grabbing my head, pulling me into her. She was obviously close to cumming and I was intent on getting her there. I stayed on her clit, licking and sucking it until finally her body shook and she cried out as her orgasm hit her.

I licked her through her orgasm until she relaxed just a bit, her legs shaking with the aftershocks. But I didn't stop. Before the shaking had subsided, I started on her again, slowly once more, hoping to build her to another raging climax. She uttered a pathetic, "Ohhhh," as she realized I was going to do her again, but of course she didn't stop me.

I gave her pretty much the same treatment, since it had worked so well the first time. It worked even better this time, quicker at least, and in a minute or so I had her hips twitching and her body arching and was licking up an abundant dose of her cunt cream. It was heavenly. I could have done her all day, but decided that was enough for now, so I backed off and just watched her recover.

Mary was panting, gasping in air as the effects of her climax continued. "So good," she murmured, "... so good." Then she just lay there quietly as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

Finally, she looked up at me, a big, satisfied grin filling her face. "Thank you," she said in a near whisper. "Oh my. That was wonderful." I just smiled in return. Mary smiled warmly again and turned over on the couch, resting her head blissfully on her arms. I took the opportunity to once again run my hands over her lovely body, gently caressing her as she wallowed in the afterglow of her multiple orgasms.

I kept doing that for a while, as Mary relaxed, her eyes closed, and contented smile on her face. But I wanted more. And I still had my eyes on her lovely bottom. Several minutes had passed when I decided to make my move.

"Wow," I said quietly, trying to sound nonchalant, "you have such a nice rear." I put my hands on it as I spoke, lightly caressing and squeezing it.

"Thanks," she said with a warm smile, "I'm pretty proud of my butt. It's one of the first things to go as you get older, so I work hard to keep it looking good. Mmmmm, that feels nice."

"Well," I said, doing my best to hide my true feelings as I continued to touch her, "It's nice, absolutely wonderful."


I played with Mary's butt like that for a long time, like I was just giving her another light massage. I squeezed her cheeks, then stroked them with my open palms, delighting in their warm, silky softness. Occasionally I would pull them apart to sneak a peek at her darling little orifice. The sight thrilled me each time, but I hid it, until once I forgot and let out a little cry of excitement that Mary could not help but hear.

She turned her head to look at me, first startled by the sound, then mildly shocked as she realized what was going on. "Oh my God," she said, her voice almost a whisper, the astonishment obvious on her face, "You wanna toss my salad, don't you?"

I could feel my face redden with embarrassment. She'd caught me, and her language surprised me. I never use that particular term, always finding it somewhat crude (and never understanding the "salad" reference). But she was absolutely right, I did want to "toss her salad." There was nothing I wanted more at that moment than to bury my face in her lovely ass. And now that language, coming from her, from sweet, "suburban" Mary, had me turned on even more. I continued to knead her creamy cheeks as I answered meekly. "Yes. I'm sorry, I ... I do ... I really do." Then, hesitantly, I asked, "Would that be alright?"
Ben gave me a puzzled look as I continued, "This makes you my Sugar Daddy."

He gave a big laugh and agreed, "I guess so. It should be fun and I get to watch a beautiful young girl try on a few things for me. I consider it money well spent."

Ben carried my bags for me like a gentleman. We went outside and his forecast had been correct as it was already sprinkling. The workers had been sent home so it was just Ben and me as he unlocked the door and we stepped up into the trailer. He sat down on one of the folding chairs and I on the couch.

I was wearing a pair of black leggings, cute tennis shoes with ankle socks and my USC t-shirt when Ben commented, "I think your outfit you have on today is so cute. You look like a college coed."

I responded, "I am! I'm a freshman at USC but kinda skipped my Friday classes so I could come out here with Zane."

Ben winked, "Lucky me. I'm glad you are here and Zane is not. You want to take those clothes off and try on some of the things you bought now?"

I felt very weird about the whole situation but also in some strange way, turned on. When I stood up to disrobe, Ben interjected, "Stop! Stay just like that for a second. I loves seeing a girl's camel toe through her leggings and yours is so hot."

While looking down at my own crotch I giggled, "You like that huh?" I then pulled up on my tights causing the seam to part my lips even more when I asked, "How is that? Now you can really see it."

He gulped, "I think that might be the sexiest sight I have ever seen. Now take them off for me so I can see it through your panties."

I kicked off my shoes before peeling off my socks. As soon as my leggings were pushed down, Ben gulped again when he saw my Y shaped crotch covered with a black silk thong tightly snuggled up against my pussy. The back strand was riding inside my ass crack as I turned to allow him to see right before using my thumb to pull it out.

When the string snapped back into place, Ben leaned back in his chair, spread his legs and rubbed his bulge through his jeans, "Damn girl, you have such a hot ass. Do you work out?"

I loved the attention he was showing me as I responded, "Four days a week. There will be no freshman fifteen for me."

He politely asked, "Do you care if I take it out? You have got me so horny."

I actually found it to be dirty yet erotic so I didn't mind, "Go ahead. If you want to, it is fine with me."

He unzipped his jeans, situated his underwear off to the side and then brought his cock out through the opening. When it finally was exposed, it was my turn to gulp, "Wow! It is pretty big."

It stood proudly straight up in the air though the zipper at 7 ½ inches but what made it so big was the thickness. The girth was off the charts huge! It was veiny with a rigid head. His own hand would only fit about half way around it.

He chuckled, "Yeah, I suppose it is. Do you like it?"

I nodded to show my approval and removed my shirt. When I unhooked my bra and exposed my firm breasts to him, he slowly slid his hand up and down the length, never removing his eyes from my body. I bounced up and down so my 34c boobs would jiggle as I pinched my nipples. While Ben watched, he stroked his big meat a little faster. Seeing that tight skin on his shaft stretch made me so wet that my tight panties were sticking to my lips.

I just blurted out, "Do you want me to suck it?"

He took his hand away and allowed me to see his entire cock with a pearl of precum protruding from its hole before responding, "Sure baby girl. I would love to have you suck it."

While he remained sitting in the fold-up chair, I knelt down between his legs. He spread them wider to allow me better access. I was only wearing the thong and nothing else. With my knees now on the cheap cold linoleum, I gripped his stiff dong which made me appreciate the size all that much more. I was used to my boyfriend's small penis and now I had this swollen pole in front of me. I puckered my lips on the head and slurped up the oozing nectar. When I wrapped my mouth around the gristled helmet, I could barely fit it in. I was afraid my teeth might scrape.

Before I started, I allowed a large goop of saliva out of my mouth and it ran down all sides of his cock head like rain dripping off an umbrella. That allowed me to slather up the natural lubrication so I could stroke it while I sucked. Even though I could barely get half of it down my throat before gagging, I didn't allow that to deter my enthusiasm. I was excited to be sucking a different dick especially one that had such impressive girth.

As I sucked his dick, Ben straightened out his legs and moaned, "Oh fuck! That feels great. Most women have trouble sucking it."

I was jerking while my head bobbed up and down. I wanted this older man to cum in my mouth. I fantasized I was so slutty sucking this stranger and that fueled my lust. I was ready for his load when he tapped me on the head, "Would you mind if I put it in you? If you don't want me to, that is fine. I will do whatever you want."

I stopped sucking but left his dick in my mouth as I thought about it. It turned me on thinking about it in my smooth pussy but I also wanted to be careful because I wasn't on birth control. It was erotic to think about something so large in my pussy but it also terrified me because it was so tight. I had all these contradictions swirling around in my mind.

I pulled my mouth off his cock with my decision, "OK, but you have to wear a condom and you have to go really slow until I get used to it."

"Whatever you say baby," he excitedly responded.

I scooted back and Ben helped me to my feet. He lifted me up and carried me to the small couch. Gently sitting me down, he pulled my legs up and it was his turn to kneel. I was almost upside down and he dove his face into my panty covered crotch. I swallowed when his warm breath permeated through the silk and tingled my labia. His tongue pressed hard against all the right areas through my thong, including my clit. I was so wet! He munched his way through the silk for several minutes before yanking my panties off, leaving me naked with him holding my legs up in the air.

Ben stuck his tongue inside my folds and licked all around before pulling it out and mumbling, "Oh, Britt your pussy is so smooth and delicious. I love young pussy and yours is the best."

My eyes were glazed over as the pleasure was overwhelming me. I was getting closer to cumming when I grabbed the back of his smooth head and pressed it tighter between my legs. He would snake his tongue deep inside me before sucking on my clit. With a loud smack, he would stop and repeat his oral actions. Zane would rarely lick my pussy and when he did, he never did it long enough to make me orgasm. Ben was eating me out with such passion, I was getting close.

My vagina was tingling and with my eyes closed, it was my turn to moan, "Oh, yeah! Oh! Oh, yeah! It feels so good. You're gonna make me...make me...Oh! Yessssss! Ohhhhhhhh! Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!"

My entire baby canal twitched around his warm tongue. His nose was pressed against my hooded button. I was in ecstasy! When he looked up, he smiled, "How was that?"

I was gasping but wanting more, "That was...was great! Do you have a condom?"

His dejected face shook back and forth, "I'm sorry I don't. We could always go back into the mall at one of the drug stores."

Then it hit me, "Hold on. I have some in my purse."

Ben let me up and I rummaged through my purse when I held up a package of three. Ben's hard cock was still like concrete sticking out of his zipper opening. He sat down while I tore the wrapping off and stooped down in front of him. I carefully checked the direction it should unroll before placing it on his cock's meaty head.

I was alarmed, "Uh oh! I don't think it is going to work."

Ben asked, "Are those regular sizes or magnum XLs?"

With a disappointed face, I cocked my head sarcastically, "Are you kidding me? A large condom would slide off Zane in one pump. Hold on. Maybe I can stretch it and get it on."

Using my fingers inside the latex, I tried to spread the opening like I was trying to stretch a balloon. I was able to get it on the mushroom head but it was so tight, it looked painful. When I tried to unroll it down the shaft, the side of the latex split. I couldn't believe that was even possible.

He huffed, "I'm sorry sweetie but regular ones just will not fit. I have tried many times. We can just do other things."

I was dejected but not defeated. I was now so horny, I wanted to feel it inside me. I craved to be stretched out by that thick hog. The rain was now pounding on the trailer and I was not going out in it to find a pharmacy plus I didn't want to ruin the mood. This was all new and I was in heat.

I couldn't believe what I was about to suggest but couldn't stop myself as I yanked the destroyed rubber off his cock, "Just put it in bareback but don't cum in me. Pull out and cum on my belly or my boobs."

Ben stood up to allow me to sit down as he agreed, "Whatever you say sweetie. can lay down."

The couch was more like a loveseat so it had no length to it. I was able to get my short body on it as long as I laid my head on the arm rest. If I straightened my legs, my bare feet would hang over the other end. Ben was unbuckling his pants and pulled them down to his ankles but because of his boots, he just left them there. He did take his shirt off exposing his hairy chest. Even though he had a large belly, he looked very masculine and sexy with that big dick pressed up against it. My two worries were how it was going to fit inside me and how this large man was going to fit on this piece of furniture.

With one knee on the couch and one suspended in air, Ben held onto his cock like he was aiming a gun. Pressing the spongy head to my undersized slit while holding onto the back of the couch was a skillful feat. He pushed and it would not fit while I grimaced. Instead of forcing it, he slapped it against my lips and clit several times. 3 white teens fucking were already running down my ass crack in anticipation.

He went in for a second try while putting one hand beside my head to hold himself up. He wasted no time pushing and his cock was stretching my inner walls as it slid inside me. I bit my lip and clawed his sides with my fingernails trying to endure the discomfort. He eventually reached his destination and I was stuffed full with his large balls rested on my ass. We were much too big for that tiny couch but Ben was able to maneuver himself on top of me without smashing my insides by planting his knees into the cushion and his bracing himself with both hands straddling my face. Even with his knees bent, his denim bound ankles were hanging over the opposite armrest.

I was sincerly addicted to where I eventally gave up on being normal and addicted to sex.